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One Sector Community's 2018 Bass Strait Crossing for Charity

After a failed attempt in March 2018 Nick decided to have 1 more go and kept training to get back to Bass Strait only months later in December 2018, Nick wanted to pursue his dream of being the first person to cross the Bass Strait on a stand up paddle board. With weather on his side this time Nick paddled the entire 250km just under 5 days only stopping at night to sleep and eat.

“After 2 years of training and the failed attempt, the feeling of hitting Tasmania was like nothing I've ever felt.” — Nick Ray

NEXT EVENT: Gold Coast 10km Marathon // July 4, 2020

Our Mission

One Sector Community is on a mission to help charities who are working in areas that lay close to our hearts, we have no limit where we will go and endeavour to take on every single opportunity that allows us to make a difference.

Our formula is to use our large network of suppliers, contractors and supporters to gather interest and participation to our events, not only does this bring our network closer together as a team and keep us deeply involved in the community, it ultimately raises money through sponsorship, entry fees etc that we are able to donate to our chosen charity’s.


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